EZ Beam Fabrication
Beams prefabricated with state-of the-art machinery that YOU instruct! Tolerances to the 1000th's of an inch! Next day turnaround.

Join our many Florida Contractor customers that have saved time, labor, and money.

EZ Beam is a fully automated fabrication service.
It enables the aluminum contractor to receive pool enclosure roof beams in a K-D form. All the tedious and repetitive operations normally done manually by contractor employees – cutting, notching, marking, stitching -- are now done by state-of-the art robots, making the finished product far faster, far more precise, and with a much cleaner and more finished look. In terms of fabrication of roof beams then, the contractor is left only with some simple assembly.

The ordering process is very simple and literally takes minutes:
Contractor logs onto EZ Beam order form
Contractor fills out online form, giving key measurements, engineer's name, and job information
Upon customer submission, order is automatically converted into machine instructions so the beam can be custom fabricated. The customer will see an accuracy-summary page, and can review the complete package price. Before fabrication, all beams are rigorously pre-inspected for defects.

The beam will arrive as follows:
Mansard beams arrive in 3 parts: straight beam and the two legs. Gables are in two pieces.
Beams are carefully packaged and labeled, and are previously custom cut, notched, gusseted, and stitched, per the specs requested on the order form. Hole patterns are preprogrammed in machine code and are per the individual engineer chosen.
Each beam also arrives with an accessory package: receiving channel, beam end caps, and screws to fasten the fabricated beam parts.

Contractors who have taken advantage of this service have experienced:
Zero scrap, zero theft and elimination of costly errors
Knowledge of exactly what their costs are
More jobs installed with the same number of crews
Finished product that is made to within 1000th's of an inch of specifications
Finished product that is aesthetically superior
Less wages paid and less workman's comp risk

At Ashe Industries, we've invested over $1.5 million dollars in EZ Beam, and are continuing to invest even more towards our final goal of offering a turn-key system -- partnering with our customers in the design, layout, and fabrication of the entire enclosure. Doesn't it make sense to not only support, but to take full advantage of this burgeoning infrastructure? To learn more about EZ Beam call your sales representative.

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